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Company Name: DARU Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer , Retailer , Service

Main Products: active contact flange , constant force actuator , Force control system , robotic deburring equipment and polishing system , ACF active contact flange , daru active contact flange

Export Percentage: 11% - 20%

Year Established: 2020

Hardware equipment session: how robots can break through the underlying technical barriers The guests participating in this dialogue are: Song Gaosheng, Technical Director of Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Greater China, Ji Shuting, Deputy Dean of the Intelligent Transmission Technology Research Institute of Zhitong University, Gui Xinfei, Deputy General Manager of Benrun Harmonic, Tang Weiwei, Senior Director of Bitmain, Miao Yuqun, general manager of Daru Technology. The underlying technology is often the place where the barriers are concentrated, which has caused the gap between domestic and foreign brand industrial robots. The opening of the underlying technology plays a vital role in the improvement of robot performance indicators. Song Gaosheng believes that the servo drive is the core component of the robot, and the power semiconductors hidden in it play a key role in the performance of the servo drive. In the iterative upgrade of power semiconductor products, higher junction temperature and lower electromagnetic noise are its eternal pursuit. At present, Mitsubishi Electric's latest seventh-generation products have improved their junction temperature and electromagnetic noise performance, but they are far from enough. The strict material requirements of semiconductor products have led to a slower cost reduction, and noise control is still in iteration, which has become a challenge facing power semiconductors. Ji Shuting pointed out that the current technical bottleneck in the RV reducer industry is mainly accuracy retention and life issues. For Zhitong, these two hard bones have been gnawed down. The next problem is how to rapidly expand production and make the market accept us. Zhitong`s development goal is to keep up with foreign mainstream products until it leads the RV reducer market. Gui Xinfei said that as the application range of harmonic reducers becomes wider and wider, its application in harsh environments is facing challenges. How to make improvements in materials and processes so that the reducer can cope with various harsh working environments is a technical problem. Tang Weiwei said that the global semiconductor market is currently very competitive, and Bitmain has advanced chip manufacturing capabilities, 7nm, 5nm and even 3nm in the future. Performance and power consumption are the eternal pursuit of semiconductors, which can make the robot "brain" smarter. Miao Yuqun pointed out, "My idea is very simple for the breakthrough of the underlying technology. The first is "Tian Ji Horse Racing", to fully identify his own advantages; the second is to have a specialization in the technical industry and continue to do well in the depths. Own business; the third is to insist on cooperation and win-win, insist on doing everything, often do nothing well, just like Daru Technology, only focus on the polishing field."


In the industrial manufacturing field, because of stricter standard of industrial products art and harder to attract labor, it has become essential for the automation upgrading, especially in grinding polishing field, its trend is more obvious. However, in actual process, automation upgrading does not only mean in the equipment, but also should form know-how perfect solution for the whole industry, then can we energize factory to realize upgrading. Anyone who has been long in grinding polishing field all know that its producing art requirements are complicate, abrasive material, particle size, workpiece surface size discrepancy, touch area size, pressing magnitude, grinding angle, beat etc. factors all are possible to make effects to grinding effect and efficiency, which make it hard to realize manufacturing automation. Therefore, more factories are still using traditional manual grinding method. In a situation in which competitionness could be different with 1 percent producing efficiency improving, these factories are similarly desperate to improve efficiency and yield with the help of automation. But the fact is that they can not find the solution to help realize art effect, they have to stand and accept manual grinding hurts and risks. From this point, it has appeared obvious unmatched condition in grinding polishing field supplying end and demanding end. Grinding polishing requires higher for flexible control, operating speed and stability in the process, the professional degree of upstream manufacturers, deeply understanding for grinding art become thresholds that are hard for automation equipment integrators to step over, leading few integrators who are familiar with grinding polishing among these many automation integrators in market. The obvious application hurts and customers' strong demanding for realization of automation renovation, grinding polishing field has enough reason for manufacturers to excavate deeply. As to how to discover these rich branch markets, the key is at the technique ability and the market strategy. Labor or robot for grinding and polishing? With the precicer and better manufacturing pushing, eco-friendly requirement in policy, and factory itself developing need, manual as well as in robot operating has shown some limits, and can not satisfy increasing requirements. First, manual operating mainly relies on personal experience. The worker can flexibly deal with grinding polishing by their sight, touch, logical judge for any shape,size discrepant workpieces, which is the greatest advantage of manual grinding, the richer experience the worker has will lead higher efficiency and better surface effect. However, its disadvantages are also obvious. Manual grinding only can depend on feeling and experience, the worker can not measure how much force he imposes, neither can he keep the force output stable, thus it can not ensure the workpiece surface evenness and effect consistency; Uncertain manual force makes fluctuant productivity and yield. From health aspect, heavy dust, noisy sound, and high frequent vibrating from grinding machine will bring great threat to operator body health, which leads fewer and fewer grinding workers. Comparing with manual grinding, robot grinding can realize high efficiency and stable operating by programmed paths, helps enterprises improve producing effiency and yield, cuts down cost. In the condition of workpiece materials complexity and diversification, there are many workpiece forming arts, including sheet metal, stamping, forging, injection molding, CNC etc, because of material character and discrepancy of forming methods, most workpieces exist size errors, the only difference is the data size. Usually industrial robot is running precisely as the path which is adjusted well, the running path is fixed and error is very small, but if big tolerance appears on workpiece, or any positioning discrepancy happens, grinding effect will fluctuate a lot, what's worse, some areas are not reachable, or grinding excessively because of too big pressure, lead low yield, and can not realize mass production. Besides industrial robot, other expertised equipments also face such difficulties. Many enterprises in this field find this difficulty and try different solutions, like visual distinguishing, all kinds of floating structures etc. At present, most are researching robot combining with force sensor, through force sensor feeling and transmitting workpiece surface changing info, then adapt to workpiece surface changing by robot adjusting running path. Different from above solutions, Daru Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd which is specialized in grinding and polishing has positioned its self as flexible and intelligent grinding system expert. For many years researching and developing, Daru has promoted flexible and intelligent grinding system, which can realize flexible control for force, initially adapt workpiece surface size changing in its running process; More importantly, instantly control force magnitude in a demanding range, can ensure workpiece surface effect even and consistent, improve yield and make it possible to realize factory automatic mass production. Daru general manager Yuqun Miao says, adding force sernsor to robot is indeed an effective way to strengthen robot flexibility, but it is mostly used in assembling and transferring of materials and so on; For grinding polishing application, it needs fast and repeating movement to realize even grinding effect, requires high for actuator instantaneity. This method has its limitation. Though it can also realize grinding effect by slow movement, work efficiency is relatively very low. The core of cultivating customer's habit---solve the hurts in this field. The complexity of grinding polishing art decides that it is hard to form deeply understanding and perceiving if there is no years of deeply grounding in field applications and customer scenes, it is just a blank promise to make values for customers. As the founder and general manager of Daru Tech-Yuqun Miao has been working in grinding field long for 16 years, his rich automation grinding polishing experience, and his team's deeply understanding for grinding art, equipment property, customer's real demanding. Surmounting customer's expect is his team service tenet. It is known that current Daru Tech flexible intelligent grinding force control system has been widely used in auto decor, public transport, 3C, stone material sanitary ware, compound material, wood furniture etc. In mainland, the east, south, southwest are the main service areas, In the meanwhile, in oversea market, our products have been exported to Europe, America, Korea, Thailand et, which is forming widely covering business network. Yuqun Miao thinks systematic market developing result can not divide with our product's technique advantage. The core property of Daru flexible intelligent grinding force control system is to realize flexible control for the force in the processing fo grinding polishing. Simple to say is that it is a set of standard tool, a set of high-end intelligent tool with controlling and executing function, fool-style designing, easy to use, new customer can use direct by manual, usually does not need scene support. Daru Tech flexible intelligent grinding force control system as independent controlling and executing system, is developed for grinding polishing application, it has special advantage in overcoming automation upgrading difficulty, and can also reduce cost in personnel, equipment, and producing process and improve efficiency. ① Through flexible force control, making automation grinding realized. ②Making mass producing workpieces surface effect even and consistent, improving yield, reducing cost of following modifying steps. ③ Robot program teaching is easy to learn, greatly improve adjusting efficiency, reduce the requirements for operators. ④ Data can be saved and called, putting grinding polishing into digital production line system. ⑤ Reduce robot load requirement, lengthen robot and grinder lifetime, cut down equipment cost. In order to make it more convenient and low cost for customer to apply automation grinding polishing solution, Daru Tech plans to promote its Fourth generation product, and matched modular standard products, our deeply learning high intelligent grinding polishing system is in developing; at the same time, Daru Tech will establish perfect and comprehensive channel partners local service network, promptly response customer's request. It is Daru's goal to do our best to be the first chosed brand in intelligent manufacturing field and make it be inertial thought"use Daru force control system in grinding polishing". The labor shortage sweeping all over China and also the coronavirus effect bring severe challenge to many middle and small enterprises, automation upgrading and renovation has been the main method to deal with WUKA era, grinding polishing field will be also affected by macroscopical trend, and bring its highlight moment. For all deeply grounding in field applications, also owning itself core technique enterprises, all developing chances will finally come after coronavirus.


In 22th Shanghai industrial expo, Daru technology (Suzhou) Co.,ltd joins it as an unique supplier in automatic flexible grinding polishing field. Our product attracts many visitors and many of them can not wait to make an appointment with us. The scene proves it again that our product are very promising and innovative, it must discover more and wider market and can be used in more and more fields.


Acrylic products is a kind of development early important thermoplastic, has now been widely used in daily life. Size larger acrylic products polishing processing, the need to use the sanding constant force actuator to realize the large plane grinding, polishing and surface polishing constant force actuator with six axis industrial robot to realize the flexible polishing, remove fine lines and the speck on the acrylic, improve acrylic surface finish, reducing fog degree, realize the acrylic mirror luster.Pundit, science and technology in order to fully satisfy need realize the automation of grinding unit robot flexible grinding, through the total system communication robot and polishing machine and other peripheral equipment to achieve better coordination, the desired effect of the flexible polishing processing.


Carbon fiber has high strength, corrosion resistance, the advantages of light quality, high modulus carbon fiber helmet in the process of production, surface and tick off seam grain grinding has been using artificial or non-professional machinery, the production efficiency is low, grinding quality, machining grind the time-consuming defect. Using pundit, science and technology of force control system can realize flexible grinding grain jointing, improve surface finish and flatness, ensure the quality of grinding and stability.


Auto parts manufacturing industry, the rack and the handle to exterior trim, have higher request for surface treatment, and there are more radian, urgently needs to solve the problem of automatic flexible polishing.Car rack polishing solution, the use of force control system realizes the rack surface sanding and industrial robot, the force control system and industrial robot real-time communications, to assure the consistence of part of the rack are surface polishing effect, according to the requirements of the polishing process, the force control system can choose pneumatic and electric grinding equipment, fully meet the needs of grinding, polishing, deburring roughing and finish machining, the desired flexible polishing processing effect.In the car door handle grinding production, we recommend the use of robot polishing, advantages are the following: shorten grinding time, improve efficiency; Lower labor costs, simplify grind the difficulty. Using polishing constant force actuator for soft automatic grinding has been used in many application scenarios, make the products more standard.


Flexible polishing technology elements flexible polishing technology to achieve the purpose of the utility model lies in the flaw and the insufficiency of existing technology, provide a kind of simple structure, reasonable design, convenient to use a casting automatic grinding high rigid robot, able to adapt to large castings machining and machine type of high rigid, serial manipulator joints castings in the process of grinding, high flexibility, realize many varieties of flexible polishing robot compared with artificial remove casting machining burrs advantage? Flexible polishing robot compared with artificial remove casting machining burrs advantage? 1. The first is the cost, the traditional manual grinding working environment is extremely bad, at present there have been problems such as the shortage, and intelligent robot polishing can resolve cost greatly, improve workers' working environment. 2.Processing quality, the traditional manual processing repeatability is poor, and the flexible polishing workers experience level will be a new generation of "star industrial" flexible polishing will become a new generation of "industry star" scientific and technological progress constantly bring new changes to human society, to a new generation of information technology for the industrial revolution has come, industrial automation manufacturers are using revolutionary production technology to create more economic benefits. Industrial casting industry needs intelligent technology to fundamentally change the status quo of traditional industries rely on artificial.


AeIn flexible float polishing grinding groove, surface and irregular shape burr, floating mechanism and abrasive machining burrs to follow to, can be 360 degrees in the axial and radial floating and floating force can be adjusted, like hand glides across the workpiece burr on the flexible deburring, can avoid to cause the damage of the grinding tool and the workpiece, absorb the workpiece and so on various aspects error simplify the programming of the robot deburring floating body can pass grinding manipulator automatically change, multistep process, And also can be used from the economic perspective thread or other way to connect with robots, at the same time on the CNC machine tools or custom can also be convenient to use the floating mechanism, and it can automatically change grinding operations.Pundit, science and technology team, in the floating deburring and grinding automation has accumulated rich experience, can according to customer's technological requirements of different types of artifacts and recommend can meet the technical requirements and economical products, as well as in the customer about the choice of grinding tool and whether you need to join the force control system or floating spindle unit, the overall process and scheme of planning to give professional advice, at the same time there are so many use cases data such as video in this not do detailed introduction.At the same time we sold in robot force control system, deburring polishing floating power head, floating grinding head, floating deburring polishing, robot floating spindle, etc.


Consistency: automatic polishing is a monotonous repetitive work, the robot can be continuous and stable operation.Improve the quality of robot can continuous operation not fatigue, very suitable for the job needs.Staff safety: related operation is of safety, robots reduce the safety risk.Environmental friendly: polishing operation field of dust environment is extremely bad, the robot can work safely in the dust environment.Reduce waste: automated robot polishing system can easily provide uniform need to ensure that products, completely out of polishing consistency and sex.Reduce the cycle time: polishing robot programming to apply suitable amount of pressure, just in the right direction, thus faster and more efficient than manual application performance.That is about the special polishing robot force control system is introduced.Pundit, focus on science and technology scheme of polishing solution, have a deep grinding process experience, rich project cases, and test programs, is committed to helping enterprises are easier to implement automatic grinding and polishing.


Automatic grinding and polishing the present difficulties mainly include: hardware products, plastic, wooden products, welding products, because the material or process characteristics, there are uncertainties caused by tolerance batch products still exist distortion tolerance, so each product because of various reasons there are all kinds of small or large differences, abrasion of abrasive belt and other abrasive also exist, make the automatic grinding and polishing more difficult.Industrial robot grinding and polishing solution at present stage according to the program execution path, when encountering inconsistent product batch grinding can appear either could not hit or played the phenomenon, can't achieve the automation of batch grinding polishing.Without constant pressure there is no guarantee that the workpiece polishing effect, on the other hand, when the abrasive wear, polishing robot also don't have automatic compensation function, set according to the consumption of mechanized only remind to replace abrasive, it further led to the uncertainty of grinding effect.Pundit, science and technology in automation of grinding and polishing solutions for many years, more than a lot of problems, a multi-year research and development on the fine polishing the special robot force control system. Force control system can be 360 degrees for real-time control, implements a simple, safe, stable and high efficiency grinding automation, power control system can help to increase the speed of machining of complex polishing robot, simplifies the polishing robot programming at the same time, and the implementation of constant force grinding process, improve the quality of processing, solved the previous robot polishing quality is not stable, debugging is difficult time is long, difficult to achieve mass production. Force control system has a lot of, the advantages of the pundit, looking for partners of science and technology is briefly the advantages of fine polishing the special robot force control system. Force control system suitable for different industries grinding polishing work scene, mulberry, fast response speed, instantaneous adjustment, suitable for any Angle in three dimensional space, is not affected by component, apply any brand robot, high generality. Force control system at present, there are several types, and the force control system of flexible polishing process, according to the position offset of tolerance of workpiece and subtle moment adjustment, the size of the retention in the set range, to ensure the consistency of surface effect. A perfect fusion of robot and can significantly lower the difficulty of debugging, the robot simply execute the polishing path and force control system set grinding force, grinding force can be quantified, the part tolerance or large deformation of sheet metal, stamping, plastic, etc., still can ensure consistent effect, high production realizability. Insistance technology (suzhou) co., LTD mainly provide enterprises with automatic grinding polishing system research and development, design, sales, and looking for partners) and perfect after-sales service.


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